You Got Anything Stronger? by Gabrielle Union

Cover: Paperback
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This collection of essays picks up right where Gabrielle Union’s first book, [We’re Going to Need More Wine] left off. The final entry in that told the sad story of her many miscarriages. This starts with a much happier chain of events: the diagnosis of why she can’t carry a pregnancy to term (it’s not just because she’s over 40), and the surrogate birth of her daughter.

This collection is a little more vehement. Not only is Gabrielle strongly invested in what the future will hold for her new baby growing up as a Black girl, she’s also stepped more firmly into parenting and advocating for Dwyane Wade’s kids, especially Zaya, who came out as trans between the previous book and this one.

These essays express every emotion, and let readers see Gabrielle’s constant balancing of strength and vulnerability, despair and hope, anger and activism. 


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