Yes, Mr. Chancellor Sir by Professor John Okedi

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This is a story of a herdsboy rising from the unimaginable bushes in the eastern part of Uganda to become a world leader in scientific research, acclaimed Professor of Zoology and as they say "putting the icing on the cake" ultimately becoming the chancellor of the second largest public university in Uganda-Kyambogo University.

Born in the late 1930's where education was completely non-existent, schools were few and where they existed did not go beyond primary two. He beat the odds and studied up to PhD level, did research in world acclaimed universities like Cambridge in the UK, Tallahassee in USA among others. He rose to head the Department of Zoology at the Ivory Tower-Makerere University for many years. He also founded and managed revolutionary organisations like NEMA as the first Executive Director completely creating a paradigm shift in the environmental management, policies and practices in the country.

Indeed, when intelligence and determination are combined, a spur to succeed inevitably overcomes the burden of rural retardation.
That is exactly what happened to John Okedi, the author of this book. Blessed with the urge to succeed in life, Professor John Okedi managed to rise from a bare- footed, rural primary student to join a secondary school whose motto was and still is, 'Palma sub Ponde-re Crescit,' meaning, a palm tree grows under very difficult condi-tions. He indeed lived up to the motto.
This is therefore, a book that those who seek inspiration to bolster their earthly ambitions must read. It is crucial because Prof. John Okedi has demonstrated in his life that ambition should be made of sterner stuff and it is not got from the silver platter.

Uganda's former Ambassador to Russia and India.

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