Woman Fire Grace by Rebecca Kisakye Makyeli

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 50,000


A story of redemption and alignment into God's purpose.

‘Woman Fire Grace’ chronicles a young woman’s journey to redemption from the clutches of alcohol abuse, depression and homelessness right into God’s divine plan and purpose.

A deeply moving memoir, with its share of humour and vividly colourful figures, ‘Woman Fire Grace’ is a true story of beauty from ashes and is appropriate for anyone who has given up, been given up on - to show how God can bounce anyone back from anything that life throws their way. 


Rebecca Kisakye Muduwa Makyeli, popularly known as ‘Kye’, is a radio personality, actress, communications consultant and motivational speaker. 

She is passionate about purposeful living and dedicates herself, under the platform UREMBO LIFE, to encourage and motivate people to live for impact and Godly purpose.

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