Why Fireflies Glow by Edward B Rugumayo

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"Why Fireflies Glow" is a memoir by Edward Bitanywaine Rugumayo that chronicles his life from childhood to adulthood. The book offers insights into Ugandan history and politics and a glimpse into the experiences of a person who witnessed and participated in some of the significant events of the country's recent history.

The memoir is divided into two parts, with Part 1 focused on Rugumayo's early years in Tooro, Western Uganda. In Part 1, the author takes the readers through his daily routines, social interactions, and exploration of Mwenge’s forests, hills, and rivers. He also talks about the impact of religion and medicine on his family's life and the effect of war on his family and community.

The memoir also covers Rugumayo's education journey from the schools he attended in Tooro to studying Botany and Zoology at University of London. Rugumayo concludes Part 1 by sharing his travel experiences worldwide and the lessons he learned.

Part 2 of the memoir focuses on Rugumayo's foray into politics, beginning with his entry into the Uganda government under the dictatorship of President Idi Amin. He provides readers with an in-depth look into Amin's character and the painful and traumatic events that led up to his exile. Rugumayo also describes his activities in preparation for the Moshi Unity Conference in 1979, which aimed to unite various factions of Ugandan society against the dictatorship of Amin.

He then chronicles the events that led to the ousting of President Lule and the election of Binaisa as President, sharing his perspectives on the various events and individuals that shaped Ugandan history during this period.

Throughout the memoir, Rugumayo provides readers with a first-hand account of the political climate in Uganda during this time, as well as his experiences as a political activist and leader.

Overall, "Why Fireflies Glow" provides readers with a glimpse into Rugumayo's personal and political experiences and Uganda's history. The book's unique insights into Ugandan politics and history during a tumultuous period provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the events and individuals that shaped Rugumayo's life and the history of Uganda.

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