Whispers From Vera by Goretti Kyomuhendo

Cover: Hardback
Sale priceUsh 65,000


Twenty-nine-year-old Vera is desperate to meet Mr Right after several failed relationships. A high-flyer, Vera is determined to have it all: a husband, family and an illustrious career. When she meets Eric, a hunky, corporate executive, Vera is elated. Eric is thirty-one, single and searching.

Then a secret of unimaginable magnitude that Eric has kept from Vera surfaces, threatening to destroy their otherwise perfect romance. Will Vera make the necessary sacrifices to keep the fame burning?

Set against the vibrancy of Kampala metropolis in the 2000s, Whispers from Vera is a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek read, enriched with Uglish and local languages. Free-spirited and audacious, Vera documents the whole gamut of her life's experiences as she navigates through the lows and highs of motherhood and wifehood of a middle-class, modern-day, Ugandan career woman.

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