What's In a Name: Kainembabazi by Natasha Museveni Karugire

Cover: Paperback
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What's in a name: Kainembabazi is an account that spans decades. It starts with a very young Natasha, her siblings and her mother, Maama Janet Museveni, who suddenly find themselves in strange lands, involved in incomprehensible and urgent wanderings.

We see a young family growing up amidst a supportive network of relationships, having to cope with serious challenges, and basking in many moments of triumph. The story takes us through a period when Uganda was going through serious upheavals, including the Bush War, in which her father Yoweri Museveni was central, and offers invaluable insights into the impact of the upheavals on not just the Museveni family, but also on other families and communities.

Much as Natasha is the centrepiece of the story, it is a rich canvas portraying the lives of many individuals, some illustrious and others less well known. It is also a story about Uganda, its tribulations, its beauty, its promise and the hope that it holds out for all its citizens.

Natasha tell sher story simply, with passion and with precision. She shows great sensitivity and, in places, a wry humour in the telling

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