Unbound: Twitter thoughts for the heart and mind by Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 75,000


Unbound: Twitter thoughts for the heart and mind is a collection of tweets, poetry, and affirmations that have already reached over 500,000 thousand people on Twitter. Author Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo shares the lyrical writing journey that saved her in moments of darkness. Her collection, written in seven parts, reflects our journey as human beings ascending from darkness, growing, changing and eventually reaching completeness. She invites you to read with an open mind in hope that you, too, will find musical notes in the texture of her words.

Each ode incorporates enduring tweets and tips to becoming Unbound…taking you on a journey of reflection, healing and transformation and one that allows you to hear the whispers of your heart so you can and sings them whenever you feel. The words on the pages engage the power to conceptualize being in community with each other. Foreword by  Oscar Winning Sound Designer (Slumdog Millionaire) Resul Pookutty

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