Uganda's Revolution 1979-1986: How I Saw It by Pecos Kutesa

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n Uganda's Revolution 1979-1986: How I Saw It Colonel Pecos Kutesa provides us with important insights into the ideology and principles of the NRA and the events that triggered the rebellion which resulted in the ouster of the Obote II and the Okello Lutwa regimes. He traces his own growth and development from a naive young student to an adult troubled by political turmoil presents his own reasons for joining in what he refers to as the struggle and discusses the various roles he played in the course of the war and afterwards. He offers crucial glimpses into the attitudes mindsets and personalities of the various actors in this war, both when they are under great pressure at the frontline and in more relaxed circumstances. he intersperses the many interesting incidents - some spine-chilling others riotously side-splitting - that constitute the main thread of this historical narrative with enlightening details about the military and politics as well as instances of soul searching and nuggets of philosophy. 

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