Thistle of the Nile by Richard Mwebesa

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 30,000


Thistle of the Nile is a representation of a work of art. It is active creativity all through. The author opens the reader to the enjoyment of telling stories in different ways that enables the reader recognize that poetry is a different kind if storytelling that communicates deeply beyond the poet’s intention framing his poetic style as a unique one. This anthology of poems is a pack of brilliant thoughts set in the context of Uganda and beyond. When you savor his poems you will see that the author;
  • Shines light on beauty in the dark places through his poetry.
  • The poems are able to teach and encourage the reader to always look underneath.
  • The reader is reminded that in the middle of danger it’s never all gone.
  • Still yourself and hold on the inner life for the outer life may have more.
  • Experiencing the poems, the reader is reminded that we hold the dearness and light of living in our thoughts.
This anthology of poems is a true reflection of the soul. In this book, the reader will find a foundation for hidden thoughts and imagination. Like a precious mineral that lay underneath the ground and requires excavation and building a mine shaft to unearth it, these poems unearth authentic emotions from the reader. The reader will encounter the truth, bitter truth too and is taken on an adventurous journey to a place where they get to visualize what the author fathomed and saw through the lenses of the images that the life brought in his journey. Like honey, to taste its efficacy, a slow and patient approach is justified rather than a gobble is this anthology of poems.

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