The World Is Ours By Lucie Chihandae

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 65,000


Kevin and Shenzi are connected by unfortunate circumstances of the world they live in. Forced to grow up too fast, they find themselves flung deeper into the intricate realities of life when they are forced onto the streets of Kampala, fighting for survival, begging for food and ultimately becoming street smart until by stroke of luck, Shenzi is adopted by a white American family separating the bonded friends by distance and eventually time. Still holding on to promises they made as children, Kevin sets his heart on reuniting with his bestfriend through betrayal, loss, fortune, and the mentorship of a mysterious magnate, Ssaka.

From Nairobi to the streets of Kampala; from the deathly gold mines of Congo to New York City lights; from Dubai's pristine environ to the dazzling catwalk stage of Milan, The World Is Ours is an epic journey of love, survival, pain, betrayal, violence and the unbreakable bond of those meant to chart a way through life together despite the circumstances. 

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