The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Betrayed by Miria. R. K. Matembe

Cover: Paperback
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Hon. Miria Matembe tells of her experience as an insider and minister in President Yoweri Museveni's government of Uganda that strips bare the ugly side of the once-revered revolutionary regime. Without fear or favour, she gives a stinging account of how the grand schemes of vulgarization of the constitution, politics of corruption, patronage and deceit are hatched and orchestrated to entrench "Musevenism" in Uganda. She unmasks President Museveni's dictatorial personality and his tactics to keep an iron handgrip on individuals and nations. Hon Matembe reveals the shocking incidences of total reluctance by the NRM government to fight corruption but instead promote it as a fuel that powers its engine.

Can a government that holds onto power through corruption have the will to fight it? Hon Matembe witnessed all these unfortunate events of the making of a dictator and in this autobiography, she tells it all - as she saw it.


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