The State of Africa: A History of Fifty Years of Independence by Martin Meredith

Cover: Trade Paperback
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'Meredith has given a spectacularly clear view of the African political jungle' - Spectator

'This book is hard to beat... Elegantly written as well as unerringly accurate'
 Financial Times

The fortunes of Africa have changed dramatically since the independence era began in 1957. As Europe's colonial powers withdrew, dozens of new states were born. Africa was a continent rich in mineral resources and its economic potential was immense. Yet, it soon struggled with corruption, violence and warfare, with few states managing to escape the downward spiral.

So what went wrong? In this riveting and authoritative account, Martin Meredith examines the myriad problems that Africa has faced, focusing upon key personalities, events and themes of the independence era. He brings his compelling analysis into the modern day, exploring Africa's enduring struggles for democracy and the rising influence of China. It is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the continent's plight and its hopes for a brighter future.

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