The Muchwezi, The Flower & The Suitor by Zziwa Zinabala

Cover: Paperback
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The Muchwezi , The Flower & The Suitor, is a poetic story told. The playwright narrates the journey of love between The Flower and The Suitor while they both have to jump hurdles and the grip of an incubus, The Muchwezi. 

The play advances with different mood switches, traditions and cultures. Towards the climax, The Muchwezi jealousy reminds The Flower that, her father freely offered her as a bride in exchange for wealth...

Zziwa Zinabala is a demographer by profession, an alumnus of St. Henry's College Kitovu and a former member of Katochi poets. He attained a Bachelor of Science in Population Studies at Makerere University where he attained membership in Kelele Poetry Club. He is a proud member of Stubborn poetry.

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