The Lockdown Cats by Emma K Kinani

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 50,000


The Lockdown Cats is an interactive book based on the experience of a rescue cat that spends a lot of time in its neighbour's garden. To make it fun and engaging, space with lines have been created for children (or adults) to write their own story using the illustrations on each page. Parents and guardians could also help younger children by showing them the images and writing the stories for them. Have fun reading then creating your own stories using these original drawings. This story is inspired by the neighbourhood cats who started to hang out in a lady's garden during lockdown. Zeus took over the garden and mastered who was allowed in it. He fought off all the other cats until the lady had a word with him against any fighting or bullying. This is evidence that cats listen and understand. This interactive book provides lined pages for children, or adults, to write their own story using the illustrations and words as inspiration. These cats highlight how lonely life can be in an isolated world, and the importance of friendship, empathy and love. Can you imagine what the cats are saying or thinking? Illustrations, color

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