The First Daughter by Goretti Kyomuhendo

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 20,000


Kasemiire grows up in poverty. But her father is able to send her and her siblings to school. This he does, amidst scorn from other men who thinks all a woman has to do is to work in the kitchen. Kasemiire gets pregnant in school and is abandoned by the father of her child. Kasemire has to work to support herself and her child. She impresses a politician who offers to help her by taking her to work in the city. Things do not go to plan after the politician's husband tries to rape her. Kasemiire seeks refuge from the church, where with the help of a sympathetic nun, she goes back to school under their care. She goes up to university. It is at the university that she meets the father of her child and then the hatred she had concealed comes to the surface.

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