Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson

Cover: Paperback
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A runaway bestseller in Sweden that has sold more than a million copies worldwide, Surrounded by Idiots shares a ground breaking new method of understanding the people around you that will change how you interact with everyone from your co-workers to your spouse.

Author Thomas Erikson explains that there are four key behaviour types that define how we interact with and perceive the people around us. Understanding someone’s pattern of behaviour is the key to successful communication. Erikson breaks down the four kinds of behaviour types—Reds who are dominant and commanding, Yellows who are social and optimistic, Greens who are laid back and friendly, and Blues who are analytical and precise—and explains how to identify and interact with each type of person. Instead of being bogged down with overly technical categorizations, the simple four colour system allows you to speedily identify a friend or co-worker and adjust how you speak and share with them.

Surrounded by Idiots is full of practical information for interacting with people based on their colour, including the strengths and weaknesses of all the profiles, how to give positive and negative feedback to each, and the best way to word an email when writing to someone with a different profile.

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