Strength Of A Warrior: Living Courageously With Sickle Cell By Moses Ochieng

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 50,000


Strength in life is often derived from inescapable pressures and challenging circumstances. Courage shines through when in the face of these challenges we do not flinch. Living with Sickle Cell Disease presents one such scenario, where affected families and individuals must like true warriors; inescapably face each day, each season and each crisis with resilient hope and unwavering courage.

In Strength of a Warrior, the author sheds light not only on the nature of the disease in general, but also offers great vision into how knowledge sharing and mindset change can lead to a substantial reduction in Sickle Cell disease 'warriors' face each day, as they go through their crises like a soldier who understands the ultimate price at war and yet still finds the courage to take up arms.

This book is a significant contribution to all the warriors out there as the author shares real-life experiences with fellow warriors to inspire hope, strength and courage; as well as to impart sound knowledge to every reader regarding Sickle Cell Disease management and prevention.

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