Stilling Time: Turning Everyday Moments Into Precious Keepsakes by Diane Komunda

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 75,000


In a world where life whizzes by like a high-speed chase, "Stilling Time" is your ticket to slam on the brakes and uncover the magic in the mundane. With this enchanting coffee table book, you'll embark on a whimsical journey of transformation and discovery. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the ticking clock, struggling to juggle it all? Or maybe you're lamenting how fast time flies? Whether you're a time-management pro or a master procrastinator, "Stilling Time" is your guide to a life bursting with unforgettable moments.

Through 12 captivating chapters, filled with delightful activities and opportunities, Diane Komunda's inspirational storytelling will help you savour the present moment. From the everyday pleasures of a morning brew to the wild adventures that await beyond your doorstep, "Stilling Time" will ignite your inner magic. Discover the art of stilling time and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Join us on this adventure and let's transform the ticking clock into timeless treasures together.

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