Rage and Bloom by Lena Grace Anyuolo

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 30,000


Rage and Bloom is Anyuolo’s debut poetry collection, and boldly confronts the excesses of capitalist exploitation, the internal contractions of leftist, revolutionary organizing, sexism and patriarchy, etc. Anyuolo is exhilarating talking about love and friendship, optimism, and futures built on care and solidarity. This collection is a riot of work. 


Lena Anyuolo is a writer and community organizer living in Kajiado, Kenya. Anyuolo has written for Ukombozi Review, Gemini Spice Magazine, Writers’ Space Africa and JaladaMagazine. Anyuolo has also published with Africa is a Country, The Elephant, Daraja Press, and The Review of African Political Economy. 



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