Rabbit On The Pulpit : Anthology of Past and Contemporary African Life By Benard M. Mujuni

Cover: Paperback
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The Rabbit on the Pulpit is prose-oetry of a relentless child-to-adulthood codification of a bicameral soul wandering this universe. The audience is not static; it keeps changing, just like the universe. The witty rabbit is full of humour and crispy comedy but is cleverer than most animals, deserving of their attention.
It is this character that resonates in every rendition. The persona keeps inventing new stories to keep a hold of the audience.
We all love stories because we are human. But even animals like dogs and birds love stories. Even trees have stories. It is my hope that this book evokes some emotion, for everyone, given a chance has a story to tell and write.
"The story has just begun.
BenMak Savior.

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