Pain and the Secrets by Mugeni Ojiambo

Cover: Paperback
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It is the electioneering period in Kenya when young Lily seeks fortune in the city. When the country is thrown into the post-election violence frenzy and terror reigns, normal days quickly turn into fear-filled nights. The hands of fate sneaks into the confusion and knocks on Lily's door, bringing with it wounds and indelible scars that she has to learn to live with for the rest of her life.
Etched in her memory, Lily maneuvers through life riddled with shame and a sense of helplessness. In an attempt to make something out of her life, and inconsiderate of everyone she knocks down along the way, she gets sucked into the glitzy life of Nairobi where money is the language. And, as if fate has something against her, her life upends as she plunges deeper into a cancerous river that slowly gnaws away her body and soul. She is shrouded in anger, guilt and regret. All along, she realizes one can only run for so long from one's past.
Set in Kenya's Nairobi and Kitale, here is a tale that seeks to address the domino effect of politically instigated violence in one woman's life, and how the same spills over, creating a debate and questions on social issues and the role of fate.
Mugeni Ojiambo is by training a Biochemist (Bsc. Biochemistry) from the University of Nairobi. Currently, he is a Solutions Consultant with Apple.
Spanning over nine years of ardent creative writing, he has produced four other published books: Shades of Misfortunes, The Winning Team, The Craft of Creative Writing (co-authored), and How To Get A Job In Dubai.
Mugeni is also a world traveller, a learner of different cultures and languages, and loves music and books.

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