Make Social Media Work For you : -The Art of Social Selling by Patricia Kahill

Cover: Paperback
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Social media is a great equalizer which has leveled the playing field for those who have showed adeptness and vision. The early adopters. The ones who have hopped from social platform to another creating connections on all. Seeing the bigger picture and tying one’s knowledge to the hope that there will be value for spending time on the platforms, with a vision to help brand use them for visibility, profitability relevance and ultimately customer loyalty, is the story you are about to read. Within these pages you will find the how I started my digital marketing journey and how I have made my name a household brand in the space. Not only that but you will also find the insightful gems that will help you on your own journey in this space. Taking you back in time and pulling you a little close to the current times, introduction is made to you of an enthusiastic, zealous, and enthusiastic young lady fired up for connections and online adventure, who ends up creating a company out of her passion. Make Social Media Work For You – The Art Of Social Selling is a manifestation and testimony of how one can use social media to grow their brand.

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