Life in the Single Lane by Anita Komukama

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 45,000


Are you freaking out? Is the urge or the nudge to "settle down" crowding your every existence? Have you been told you are running out of time?

Was your last birthday party spent with anxiety as your solo guest?

Hi there- Anita has written this for you.

Anita has been there too and the journey has been and is still a grey area but she has picked up every energy in her and decided to make it a pleasurable journey.

Being single past a certain age for both men and women has - for the longest time- been frowned upon and interestingly still is to -date! There is widespread stereotyping and sometimes discrimination; all absolutely unnecessary because God has carved out everyone's destiny as their unique journey- and this also includes the season of singlehood.

Anita, in this book delves into the struggles that single and unmarried persons experience, using relatable short stories and then the she spreads hope by elucidating on how these struggles are stepping stones to a life ahead that God has perfectly tailored.

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