Innate Speech by Lamwaka Gillian Joan

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 50,000


Innate Speech, a poetry book written by Gillian Joan Lamwaka (@_lamwaka) a rising African literary talent who focuses on Poetry and Prose creates interesting poems out of topics like love, mental health, and careers.

Before the 21st century, individuals primarily struggled to understand love, and perhaps war. This is evidenced in the poetry and other literary works of these eras.

But life in the 21st century is starkly different. The average youth and adult is faced with a plethora of issues ranging from mental health, chasing careers, fighting climate change, and keeping up with trends. They do not just struggle with the concepts of love and war. The very living of life is something that has become a matter of complexity and urgency.

This poetic work takes you through the paths of life and stirs up the right emotions, or perhaps virtues to help you live, love and if you've lost it - rekindle the fire to live again.

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