In Search Of Sanity: How my Bipolar Disorder turned into a Blessing by Musinguzi Begumisa

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 55,000


In Search of Sanity is a tale of one man's journey to find meaning in life amidst a life altering mental condition called Bipolar disorder. Musinguzi opens up candidly about the challenges he faced coping with the disorder but importantly gives the hope he found in Christ during his journey to a productive life. Having studied in the top most schools in the country and attained the highest honors and accolades, you would think that success was guaranteed. Then Bipolar hit and his entire life came to a crushing stop. You will find a holistic approach which included the use of advances in the medical field coupled with deep spirituality and family support. The book is full of light humor detailing well-crafted experiences of an African boy growing up in rural Uganda; and the pain and struggles of living with a mental condition. You will laugh and cry at the same. But as you do, look out for the victory that could only have come from having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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