How To Effectively Mentor And Supervise Research Students By Prof. Dr. Moses Muhumuza (PhD)

Cover: Paperback
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Research mentorship and supervision is at the heart of life in academia. Given that mentorship and supervision is complex, composed of subtle texture of intellectual and psychosocial strands interwoven together, this handbook provides you with practical skills to unravel those strands. The handbook will show you how to:

1. Demystify myths
2. Be a role model
3. Be empathetic
4. Be visionary
5. Maintain boundaries
6. Pay attention
7. Empower
8. Be analytical
9. Be transactional
10. Give constructive feedback
11. Manage the relationship
12. Follow the rules
13. Handle conflicts
14. Wean off
15. Celebrate

It will give you insights to enable you deal with intricacies of research student mentorship and supervision.

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