Everyone Can Sell! : The Little Confessional Book of Highly Effective Sales Persons by Martin M. Lwanga

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 25,000


The Secrets in this book that may Astonish you..

Secret # 1: Never Cut a wedding or fundraising meeting in town

Secret #4 : Seek to hung out with the right boys and girls

Secret #8 : Never fear people who zip pants like everyone else does

Secret 11 : Follow up for you are not a card collector

Secret 15 # Just forget about Public Holidays!

Secret 37 : Come on; hook the client for the rest of her life

Secret 49 : You are not selling the product, but its benefits

Secret# 50 : Answer all negatives before you storm its benefits

Secret #51 : Find a need and fill it

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