Everyone Can Have a Successful Career : The Complete A-Z guide on how to choose the right career by Martin M. Lwanga

Cover: Paperback
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Today, more than ever before, hundreds of thousands of students upon graduation are entering the work place without an idea of what to do based on their skills, interest, values, aptitude and available job opportunities. There are also so many people who are stuck in their jobs and wish to change but have no idea what career to major in as a next step.

Everyone can Have a Successful Career has been written to help students, parents and those already working but wish to choose carefully which careers to invest in with the greater likelihood of success. The book provides 151 job titles that have already been advertised and those on the job market elsewhere.

Each job titled is examined by showing the type of work expected, how to qualify, the investment costs involved, what earning to expect and growth opportunities. This book is further supplemented with information on average cut off points for leading courses in universities  and a comprehensive list of approved university and tertiary higher education institutions of learning in Uganda.

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