Eat Your Way To Wellness by Dr. Paul Kasenene

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It came as a shock. Not yet thirty, Paul Kasenene, MD was stunned to find himself a patient- overweight, hypertensive, lethargic and asthmatic. Disheartened as he considered a lifetime on prescription medications, he made the decision to look beyond the standard treatment protocols he'd learned in medical school. Instead, he directed his attention- and eventually his entire practice- toward nutritional medicine.

Today, Dr. Kasenene is thriving and well, as are scores of his patients who have turned to him in their own quest for the health that had been eluding them. Shunning fad diets and bad science, he advocates sound, sensible ways of nourishing the body for a long and vibrant life. In this new, revised, and expanded edition of Eat Your Way to Wellness, Dr Kasenene lays out seven principles to being healthy, feeling energetic, and enjoying your ideal weight. This straightforward book will empower your food choices, providing simple and practical strategies to integrate healthy eating into your life and your home.

In Eat Your Way to Wellness, Dr Kasenene explains:

  • Why so many people are confused about what to eat and how to end that confusion
  • Common questions, concerns and myths behind the different foods we eat
  • The rationale behind the seven healthy eating principles he recommends
  • The reason why many of us are attracted to unhealthy junk food
  • How what we eat literally becomes who we are
  • How to serve food on your plate, how often you should eat certain foods, and how to structure your daily meals
  • How we can use food to prevent, manage, heal and even reverse many diseases
  • And how to lose weight and learn to keep it off for life 

With real testimonies , common-sense logic, simplified scientific explanations, and easy-to-follow and practical suggestions on what, how and when to eat , Eat Your Way to Wellness gives you a sustainable way to prevent disease, achieve your ideal weight, and feel your best.

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