Destined: Discover Your Pathway To Purpose By Irene T. Kauma

Cover: Paperback
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Irene Kauma authored 'Destined' to help young people desire and discover their God-given call and purpose in life. 

The circumstances surrounding her birth were less than ideal but Irene discovered that destiny predates conception. After giving her life to Christ as a teenager, her destiny began to unfold. A little later, at a Scripture Union conference after High School, Irene was delivered from the issues she had grappled with in her childhood and totally surrendered and found freedom to soar. 

'Destined' is not an autobiography. The author, also a speaker, trainer and preacher uses experiences and lessons from her life to help the reader discover their own destiny and fulfil the purpose God has set out for their life. She elaborates that when you discover your destiny designer, He takes your hand and leads you along the path of life strewn with opportunities and challenges, shows you his purpose and uses what he has made you and given you to fulfil that purpose. 

Your life is 'Destined'! You don't have to walk through a meaningless life defeated by life's circumstances. The book sets out seven stages to discovering your destiny and living a truly fulfilled life that honours God. 

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