Constitutional and Political History of Uganda From 1894 to the Present by Justice Prof. DR.G.W. Kanyehamba

Cover: Paperback
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If the study of Uganda's politics and history is to be raised to a higher level of intellectual excellence, the past has indeed to be studied; so must the present; and even the Future must be studied. But and it is a strong "But", all this must be done with a greater degree of level-headedness, with more honesty, and with greater objectivity. Justice George Kanyeihamba's book is a welcome effort toward that end. His treatment comprises a mix of critical analyses of a Past spanning the years from the beginning of the Declaration of the Uganda Protectorate in 1894 to the exit of Obote and the end of his Second Regime of the 1980-1985, up to the Present. The author is an expert and specialist in constitutional matters and a native of Uganda who has lived through some of the crises and upheavals he has written about here.

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