Conflicts: A Better Way To Resolve Them by Edward de Bono

Cover: Paperback
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In this book, de Bono discusses different methods to resolving conflicts, particularly his concept of 'triangular thinking' and introducing a third party that is a creative designer. He claims that the current 'argument system' that we use to resolve conflicts is extremely ineffective and has the opposite effect. De Bono goes over a lot of concepts within these topics as well. What I really enjoyed about reading this book is how easily comprehensible the information is. De Bono utilizes a large amount of anecdotes and examples for comparison, making his discussion and thinking very clear and easy to understand. I did not have any issues reading this book and I did not dislike anything about it. I was required to read a conflict management book for a class I am in and this book was a great choice. No matter if it is for education or personal pleasure, I would highly recommend reading this book as it is an easy, enjoyable, and thought-provoking piece of literature.

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