Compelled To Action, "Struggle For Self-Determination" by Major General Katirima Manoni Phinehas

Cover: Paperback
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Compelled to Action is a captivating story of a boy born to peasants who against poverty and his father's initial protests, pursed an education and through the years sharpened his consciousness of the then socio-economic and political situation that obtained in Uganda and choosing to join the guerrillas then in the bush, under Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni, in fighting for freedom and national liberation later rising to serve in the various senior capacities in the civil service and the military, becoming a Member of Parliament, military Major General and a Diplomat.

The author opens the curtain and takes us behind the scenes to share what made the Bush War a phenomenal success. He makes note of the losses and challenges encountered and the strategies at various levels that were employed. The author is happy with the achievements to date and conscious of the challenges still ahead in the arduous journey of the country to prosperity and affluence in the First World.

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