Choose To Live Happily Even After: 9 Journey Lessons For The African Single Mother by Zoe Nakuya

Cover: Paperback
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Have you found yourself becoming a single parent? If you are a single mother, are you letting the label of Single Mother mess around with your mind, heart and life, and are you falling for the gloomy predictions about you and your children's life? Or, are you among the silently wounded that are stuck and struggling in a toxic, numb or dead relationship or marriage that you have tried to resuscitate and failed, but you are locked into people’s and society’s definitions of and views about love, relationships, marriage, family and parenting and therefore you are afraid to consider the alternatives because of the fear of the unknown and what “they” will say? Are you allowing life’s falls, losses and setbacks to hold you back? 

For a season in her life, Zoe Nakuya found herself as a down and out, broke and frustrated single mum, answering yes to most of the above questions until one day,  when she started waking up and dismantling the lies, one by one. 

In this labor of love and sisterhood, Zoe shares 9 lessons that will help you un-define your single-parent life away from one of doom, gloom, fear and limitation and instead redefine and redesign it into one of joy, growth and expansion. 

If you are struggling with coming to terms with a dead or an ended relationship or marriage; if you are still trying to make peace with being a single parent, particularly with being a single mother, it is time to clean up and reset your mind. It is time to heal. It is time to honor your life. It is time to choose to live happily, even after

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