Being by Veronica Rose

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Are you hidden in the crowd? Are you tired of being at the bottom? Do you have a growth mindset? Do you feel stuck? Do you have a new vision? What is holding you back?

This book is to remind you; never to apologize for asking questions, being career smart, voicing your opinion, coming up with new ideas, being a game-changer, trusting your instincts, standing up for the people and great causes you care about, taking an extra mile to outwork the known experts, creating space / run-way for yourself and people around you, being passionate about your profession, empowering others, having positive contagious energy and most importantly for BEING you.

In most of your endeavors, aim at being at the TOP because the bottom is too crowded, too ignored, too low, not valued, and non-critical.
This book is for you all.
I hope you find value in the content so as to bear visions that are worth living for.

About the Author
Veronica N. Rose is a top-rated Information Systems Auditor, Director, IT Risk & Compliance professional, Board Member, Former Topic Leader at OneInTech, Former Director, Industry Relations, Author, Trainer, Founder of Encrypt Africa, International Keynote Speaker, and Mentor.
She has authored over 98+ articles and events keynotes while taking an active part in promoting IT ethics, creating awareness on Data privacy, IT Audit & Assurance, and Cybersecurity.
She has participated in various IT Governance, IT Audit & Assurance, Privacy, and Cybersecurity conferences, webinars, and worldwide and has participated in the Global panel Webinar series together with other Global IT Experts across the globe.

Veronica was featured among the Remarkable Women moving Cybersecurity in Africa in 2019.

Veronica earned recognition as a SheLeadsTech Kenya personality of the week in November 2019 and she is an award-winning and recognized Top 50 Women in Cybersecurity Africa Finalist 2020.

She is the Founder of Encrypt Africa in 2020, an online media geared toward creating awareness and enlightening digital citizens of the importance of digital rights, online child safety in cyberspace, and IT Audit & Advisory, Data Privacy, and Cybersecurity Consulting

Additionally, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with Education and a Master of Science in Information Systems, a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE)

Veronica brings a bold perspective on how you should aim at staying at the TOP because the bottom is too crowded and living your truest version

She enjoys writing, public speaking, volunteering for professional bodies, dancing, reading, and traveling.

Follow her on;
Twitter: Veronrose4
LinkedIn: Veronica Rose, CISA
YouTube: Experts Corner Hosted by Veronica Rose.

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