Beautyful Problems by Matsiko Godwin Muhwezi

Cover: Paperback
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Beautyful Problems is set in several parts of Uganda and Kenya. It follows the lives of two young lawyers starting their legal careers. The lead protagonist Goldie works in a law firm and his friend Victor in a bank. Whereas they both share ambition, it is the contrast between the maverick lifestyle of Goldie and his friend's conservatism that sets the tone. Goldie starts a relationship with a young lady still at the University and while he plans to marry and settle with her, the sudden change in fortunes at his workplace checks to see if the relationship can survive the temptations of materialism. Goldie's sexual trysts overlap his loyalty and friendships but the stresses of work and excessive indulgences are all but light trials. The story crashes into a cornucopia of political undertones when Goldie's work brings him the most unlikely client, a member of a political outfit. Personal relations and proximity to the players in the subplot guarantee that everybody is sucked into the sweeping storm, with revelations of betrayals and connections that are bound to change everyone’s life forever.

Matsiko Godwin Muhwezi is a lawyer and author. He was born in 1989 in rural Uganda. Through school he was active in the creative arts and a prominent figure of Ntare School’s music, dance and drama group that competed for four straight years in the national post primaries. When he went to law school, music and literature remained as hobbies and guilty pleasures. Over the years he has written for media, magazines and been featured on television discussing different topics. He has previously released two esoteric works. This is his first published work of fiction.

Godwin lives in Kampala with his wife and two lovely daughters. 


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