Africa Is Not a Country: Breaking Stereotypes of Modern Africa by Dipo Faloyin

Cover: Paperback
Sale priceUsh 45,000


Definitive proof that Africa is *not* a country. A lively, entertaining and informative portrait of modern Africa that pushes back against harmful stereotypes.

Over a billion people have been reduced to one simple story. Africa Is Not a Country fills in the gaps.

So often Africa is depicted simplistically as a red landscape of safaris and famines. In this funny, insightful book Dipo Faloyin corrects this view to create a fresh and positive view of the continent.

By turns intimate and political, he looks at buzzy urban life in Lagos and the lively West African rivalry over who makes the best jollof rice, before giving us the story of democracy in ten dictatorships, an insight into different regional accents and the colonial foundation of many countries which are still younger than your grandparents. We learn about the dangers of white saviours and the cultural significance of Aunties, and he provides us with a tour guide of where citizens of several African countries need to travel to visit their own cultural artefacts - 90% of which are in museums outside the continent. We immerse ourselves in the energy and fabric of many different cultures and communities as Dipo shows his deep love of the region - as a concept, as a promise and as a reality.

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