A Young Lady's Guide to Dating by Rita Bukenya

Book: PB- Book 1
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Most young ladies look forward to dating and having fun but often end up disillusioned, sometimes more than once.

• Do you wonder if you can date successfully without 'drama'?

• Do you question if you can navigate the dating arena without losing yourself as a lady?

• Have you sought for guidance on dating but found scattered bits of advice that are difficult to piece together?

In this book, you will get insight into: What dating is, Why people date and, How to date.

A Young Lady's Guide to Dating will spur you on to examine your own perceptions and resultant practices while dating. You don't have to learn through hard knocks every time. Sometimes learning from others will help you avoid getting nasty scars, and save you resources.

Rita is a proponent of healthy and authentic relationships among young people. She is passionate about helping them navigate a subject that has often been complicated by unfounded theories, which have built strongholds and created obstacles in the way many approach Dating.

Her fresh and candid perspective will have you rethinking some of the practices we have come to accept as normal, and hopefully guide you to a better way.

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