A Common Hunger to Spread the Gospel: Ankole's Pioneer Anglican Priests by Albert Gomes Mugumya

Cover: Paperback
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This book attempts to profile Ankole's pioneer Anglican Priests (1877-1977).
These were men of valor and pluck. They were all from humble beginnings but were able to steer the Church in the rightward direction and they were responsible for its growth. Their areas of pastoral duty were very wide and often in remote areas. They walked on foot or at best rode bicycles. They had to comprehend with excessive workloads, days-off not taken, and intrusions into family time. However, they were ahead of their times and at times misunderstood, but they had a common hunger to spread the gospel and they did this with devotion, fortitude, courage and tenacity. In a way, many have been forgotten. This book attempts to reminisce their memory and their legacy.

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