Thomas Sankara Speaks: The Burkina Faso Revolution (1983-1987) by Thomas Sankara

Cover: Paperback
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Under Sankara's leadership, the revolutionary government of Burkina Faso in West Africa set an electrifying example. Peasants, workers, women, and youth mobilized to carry out literacy and immunization drives; to sink wells, plant trees, build dams, erect housing; to combat the oppression of women and transform exploitative relations on the land; to free themselves from the imperialist yoke and solidarize with others engaged in that fight internationally. "The originality of Sankara's ideas… make this collection a highly useful tool." -Le Monde diplomatique "This is an excellent book for pan Africanist and all others who wish to see how this young man transformed a whole people' outlook and fortunes in so short a time." -The Point, Gambia News for Freedom and Democracy "Pathfinder Press has done a service by producing this book." -African Communist "The book is a valuable resource for all those who wish to learn from the Burkinabe experience and Sankara's pivotal role in it." -Race and Class "On the emancipation of women, I have not read anything clearer." -Zimbabwe Herald "I would enthusiastically recommend Thomas Sankara Speaks to all students of African politics, whatever their particular specialty. It is very readable and an excellent primary source." -Africa Today "There is real historical value and enduring inspiration in a close reading of many of these speeches…and it is easy to see how two generations of Burkinabè continue to be in admiration of his oratory." -African Studies Review

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